Missing Find:By: Section

(Alex Volin) #1

We cannot find the “Find: By:” section anywhere on the OpenEMR 5.0.0(5) screen if the program set to the ‘Tabs’ layout. We use ‘Find: Any’ quite often so we have to switch to the “Frame” layout just to make a search and then switch back to ‘Tabs’. That is very inconvenient.
Are we missing something here or it is just an oversight? We could not find any settings to turn it on.

Drop frames support?
(ViSolve) #2


Yes. It is a missing feature in Tabs view of OpenEMR .If you want to search patient based on name, dob , gender ,…etc
you can use patient search option in Tabs View.
1.Click on “Patient/Client” option from Tab Menu and click “New/Search” option
2.Enter search values in the input fields
3.Finally click on the search button to get results
Hope this will help you .

@brady.miller , Similar to this we couldn’t able to open patient notes in tabs view.
(Unable to open patient notes in tabs view)
whereas it is working in frames view.


(Alex Volin) #3

Unfortunately we need more than that. For example we use Demographics custom fields to store some additional info (supporting or referencing doctor’s names, affiliated medical centers etc). The “Find:Any” option is a very valuable tool to phase it out.

Is it a problem to include the same code snippet in the Popups menu item? It looks like they come together in the Left Frame code block. Or make a separate menu item for it?

(Stephen Waite) #4

yes @alexvolin, should be simple

edit this file openemr/menu_data.php at rel-500 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

and insert this

{"label":"Find By","menu_id":"pfi0","target":"msc","url":"/interface/main/finder/patient_finder.php","children":[],"requirement":0},

in between those 2 lines

@alexvolin for Any add this

<option value="Any" <?php if ($_REQUEST['findBy'] == 'Any') echo 'selected' ?>><?php xl('Any','e');?></option>

after this line in openemr/interface/main/finder/finder_navigation.php

(Alex Volin) #5

Thank you @stephenwaite for the info. The page that opens from your URL is essentially the same as the Patient Search page. Anyway for reason that I don’t understand there is no “ANY” option there also. And this absent “ANY” option is not the same as “Search All Columns” in the Patient Finder.

Let me show it using the current demo. Suppose we enter a patient’s primary physician name (Dr. Johnston) in a User Defined field (see Pic.1). The search for this name in the Patient Finder using “All Columns” field returns no result (Pic.2). But if we switch to the Frame Layout and use “Find: Any” we get the patient whose primary physician is Dr. Johnston.

Looks like the simplest way to revive this valuable “Find: Any” option in the Tab layout is just include this field (ANY) in the Patient Finder.




(Stephen Waite) #6

hi @alexvolin, i added the fix to my post above, thanks for the detailed explanation

(Brady Miller) #7

hi @stephen, @alexvolin ,

Does it make sense to offer this option as a global since it seems like the tab user interface did lose some patient searching functionality?
If so, would stick the new menu item (call it ‘Finder’) between Patients and New/Search (in Patient/Client menu). And regarding the target entry in the menu option; if this windows ends up going to the patient screen without opening a new tab, then make it ‘pat’. If it opens a new tab when it opens a patient screen, then make it ‘fin’.


(Stephen Waite) #8

hi @brady.miller, thanks for the tips, think it should be a fixture since it’s so handy

upon further testing it looks like openemr/finder_navigation.php at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub is not working well with tabs, any tips @brady.miller? thank you

created this issue, patient find by relocating to new/search · Issue #1117 · openemr/openemr · GitHub, for code work

(Brady Miller) #9

Hi @stephenwaite ,

How do I get to that finder_navigation.php script in the tabs user interface?


(Stephen Waite) #10

hi @alexvolin, in tabs mode can you try to use Patients/Clients->New/Search and then under the Who user defined box look for your custom data?

(Alex Volin) #11

Hello @stephenwaite,
I entered a ‘Primary Dr Johnston” phrase in the first User Defined Field for the patient ‘Bedford, Phil’. Then I tried to find it using the way you suggested. It is in today’s demo so you can replicate what I did.

First of all in real life I usually don’t remember what particular field I used and for what. In case of the old ‘Any’ search it doesn’t really matter. I just need to know what I am looking for. For the Patients/Clients->New/Search I will have to memorize the field.

Then if I enter a part of a phrase, say just the doctor’s name, program does not retrieve anything. The ‘Any’ search can find a patient using just a partial key.

In case when a complete phrase is entered the result is weird. If I am keying it in letter by letter I get the entire patient’s list on the screen as a result. Only when I copy and paste the exact phrase I get just the sought-for patient’s data in the modal window.
Btw, in IE11 this modal window hangs the system after that. I had to use Ctrl-F4 to close and exit. Firefox was OK.

In other words it looks like the old ‘Find:Any” function works differently and is much more efficient and convenient.

(Stephen Waite) #12

thanks @alexvolin, we’ll pick this back up here patient find by relocating to new/search · Issue #1117 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

(Jerry P) #13

@stephenwaite, @alexvolin
Following this issue around has got me somewhat confused . I see the issue twofold. One, quick access to findby type search and two, current patient finder available search criteria is not broad enough to replace findbuy. Correct?
Where would the preferred placement for the feature be? Does it need to be in the ui header turned on by a global or just expand current patient finder.
This seems like a very useful feature and I would like to replicate in tabs but I just need to know where. For me the main item that needs to be implemented would be the custom search filter because that would be where Any would get criteria(I believe).

(Stephen Waite) #14

hi @sjpadgett, yes, agree with Rod’s post on the closed issue

(Jerry P) #15

Okay, i’ll see what I can do. If possible will back port to 501

(Jerry P) #16

This feature will be apart of v5.0.2 and here is PR for any (get it?) following: