Learn about Event Driven Architecture

Join the Developer Conference Call on Saturday, November, 13th for a discussion about Event Driven Architecture. As our legacy codebase migrates to current best practices the use of EDA will increase. EDA is already in the codebase (and has been for a while now) but it has a bit of a learning curve so I want to take some time to actually explain what it is and the value it brings to development.

This will be in preparation for our discussion on November, 20, where we will discuss module development in OpenEMR. Understanding our event system is crucial to writing custom modules.

Drop a Reply if to this thread if you think you will be attending!


Thanks Robert,

I am specifically interested in techniques for using the events in OpenEMR to load code to modify or replace UI elements. Will this be covered? Will this be a discussion of developing modules using the zend framework?

Thank you,

We can touch a bit on UI based events. On 11/20 there will be a dedicated discussion about custom modules. We do have a topic discussing the November 20th call.

Hi @Dennison_Williams

I imagine that Robert will discuss best practices in event driven architecture for modifying the presentation layer. We’ve got some good examples of that currently in the codebase and some less than ideal compromises.

As far as the November 20th call, I don’t plan on going through the zend framework this first session as I want to walk through the key principles of the modules and the current OpenEMR events without getting entangled into the more complicated zend framework. The concepts will translate pretty well across if you are already familiar with using the zend framework. I will do a more advanced training on a subsequent meetup to cover the Zend modules. I plan on having a Q&A period at the end of the session and we can talk about zend in particular if you have additional questions after my initial presentation.