LBF made available in the Patient Portal?


please can the LBF form be made available in the Patient Portal to be filled by patients? If yes, how can this be achieved?

If LBF cannot be used for this purpose, does openemr have another approach to allow patient fill in some forms for the purpose of risk assessment. In that case, the form would be filled from time to time. Not once.

Hello @kkappiah -
A simple query of the forum posts for the key words “lbf patient portal” or “layout form portal” returns some useful results.

Basically, an LBF is used in the portal by invoking it from within a portal template. So you have to build a portal template which contains the tag to call the LBF.

A forum post where the dev talks about implementing LBFs in the portal templates:

More on the current and future use of LBFs in portal forms

A couple specific techniques to use in LBFs for the portal

Then some items in the OpenEMR wiki, which is a site not widely known here in the forum. It can be difficult to navigate untill you get used to it but it does have a lot of good information in it.

This page describes building a portal template. It lists the tags available in a template; search the page for ‘LBF’

Good luck!

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Adding on to this forum thread:

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