Invoice lacks unique ID when viewing to print

I just figured out how to install on a windows 11 home IIS capable laptop, the latest version of OpenEMR. Im able to login, but some features are not viewing properly. For example, it did not ever show the calendar. Not sure why, so I just turned the calendar off.

I added some products and services to the “code types” list and tried to bill a fictitious patient. I first created a fee sheet I believe based on the products and services I added. Next I tried to post payment as cash and generate an invoice in pdf. It worked except for one little thing. The invoice lacked an unique ID number, so that the invoice could be differentiated from other invoices…Just wondering, if I could have not setup the system properly, maybe lacking some php extensions?

Would it make more sense, to strictly work with linux based os? I have installed openEMR on ubuntu as far back as openemr v5, seemed much easier than spinning up a windows based system.

Depends on what your objective is. But you might want to get WSL2+ubuntu on your laptop and then look at docker to get up and running.

hi @plp31984 , please see this post.