Interested in helping out the project

Hey! I am interested in helping out. Was wondering where I should start.

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Hello @ayushjain -
Welcome to the community!

OpenEMR is a classic FOSS project and it is almost totally volunteer driven: you see a need you can help with and you pitch in and do it. It has several areas to help in, and the one(s) you choose to contribute to will of course depend on your skills and talents. Here are some considerations to help you decide what you’d like to do.

  • Translations are always needed. OpenEMR really wants to be a completely multi-language EMR that is used all around the world. However, at the moment only a fraction of the EMR is truly multilingual. If you have competence in a language besides English, especially in healthcare terminology, you can make truly significant contributions to the project. Here are 2 useful links:
    OpenEMR Internationalization Translator Guide - OpenEMR Project Wiki
  • Are you a developer? OpenEMR is built by volunteer developers, and features are always being added. You can look through the forum’s Developer- oriented posts and see what the needs are:
    OpenEMR Development - OpenEMR Community

  • Reading through this forum and helping out people who have issues or questions is always appreciated.
    By the way, the forum search tool is very useful:


Contributing in this way does require a degree of expertise with OpenEMR, but if you have some exposure to healthcare, you can learn how to conduct the workflows by using the public demos found at:

  • One last thing: eventually you will come in contact with the OpenEMR project’s massive collection of background information at:
    OpenEMR Project Wiki

You don’t need to know everything in it, just be aware of what information it contains. It is a teeming jungle of information which can be difficult to wade through but it has lots of material you will never find in the forum.

Welcome to the OpenEMR community, and I hope I see your name as a famous contributor!

Best- Harley