Installing codes

Good day. Out of curiosity, when you are installing RXNorm and SnomedCT codes, are you supposed to put the .zip file into the folders under contrib or are you supposed to extract the zip yourself?

I am a little confused on this?


Hi Warren KelleyWarren,
Yes we need to put .zip file into under the contrib folder.

Thanks ,

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@Param_CapMinds I am having an issue with RXNorm and Snomed CT codes, I donwloaded the zip file from the assigned URL link and I kept getting UNSUPPORTED database load file: in this case what should I do.

should I change zip file name or extract and comprase the zip file.

Please note that I also tried uploading theRXNorm in the RXCUI upload and also I tried to upload the RXNCONSO.RRF but I am still getting the same error message "Code type not yet defined: ‘RXCUI’ "