Importing RXNORM

I downloaded RxNorm latest edition, it has many folders and I do not know which one to zip and put under the Contrib/RxNorm folder

The downloaded RxNorm has:
Prescribe …folders
under script folder there is:
Under rrf:
9 files
under prescribe:
I zipped the original folder it was not accepted under loading external data
From loading internal data I did not know which one to browse to ?

I did and I got this error, I attached a screenshot.

mysql> SET GLOBAL local_infile = ‘ON’;………did it.
I do not know why it was OFF although in my /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini ….I set mysqli.allow_local_infile = On and I removed “;” at the beginning of the line to be executable?
when I checked:
mysql> SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE ‘local_infile’;
It was off.
turned it on with:mysql> SET GLOBAL local_infile = ‘ON’;
and now RxNorm is installing
I will let it run and see if it installs properly, it is a large file.

Still spinning , no error….something is wrong.
will give it another half hour or so.

Thank you , I got:
LOAD SUCCESSFUL. Codes inserted: 144692, replaced: 0

I know RxNorm is a full suite of drug names drug drug interaction and not only codes?
How to check functionality if the installation is correct?

When I am using when prescribing RxCUI I get data of meds names:

However when I choose RxNorm I get nothing:

What does that mean? is RxNorm installed and RxCUI is handling the database of meds or it is not installed?

For the full rxnorm, now that you have local infile on, try loading from external data loads again but it may take 10 to 20 minutes and having the full rxnorm searchable from prescriptions might not be working currently.

Remember to turn off local infile for security once completed loading.

Thank you, it has been spinning for an hour, I do not think anything was installed… :thinking:

after 3 hours it says staged data are same as copied data, I can see rxnorm version in the left box in external data , but still when clicking on RxNorm radio button in prescriptions does not pull anything? rxCUI does….what is the difference between those 2 options, and why still Rx
norm does not pull list of meds when entered?