Inpatient module (proprietary)

Please contact me if you want to try my new Inpatient module for OpenEMR. Several of the needs described before are covered…

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Well done Sergio. kindly email me at so i could try it out and give my observations.

I just saw your image that describes wards, rooms, beds. It seems that you are making good progress in this area. Your approach takes care of every important issue in an inpatient module. This part needs to be elastic to adapt to different institutions, each with specific divisions between areas, wards, floors, divisions, rooms and more.

My work was done at the request of a single customer and I had to improvise. Patient selection is done outside the standard system. At this point I am selling my module as it is, but I will later follow the guidelines to merge it with the general OpenEMR project.

I welcome your suggestions or ideas about this subject.

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Sergio Samoilovich - Not sure if this is still an open topic at this point but I am interested in a preview of you inpatient module if it is still possible. Please send link to if available. Thank you.

Hello Felipe

Check … user olivia , password oliviacaleta ….

Check :

for a user guide…



Thank you so much for providing me with this preview. I see that your module allows for admitting patients to inpatient units via beds and transfers as well as discharges. The set up is great but I am more interested in other features that were discussed in the forum for inpatient use. More specifically, I am interested in a module that provides a Physician’s Order Tab and Medication Administration Record (MAR) flow-sheet tab. Do you have anything like that? or are you aware of anyone else that might? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Felipe Ferreira BSN, RN

No, I have not focused on
those items… I guess they are a later
step in the inpatient process…

Hello @sergiors,
Can you tell me how to get inpatient module into openEMR please ???

Check … user olivia , password oliviacaleta ….

Check :

for a user guide…

Feel free to ask me anything about this module.



thank you sergio, I’ll get you back as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot :pray::pray::pray:

Hi sergio,
the credential you gave me doesn’t work. I got the error: invalid username or password

@sergiors i failed to login your demo link also, is there a way to share your Codes


Please try again now…

Hi @sergiors ,
it works now, I was able to connect.
How can I have the module ???
In addition I would like to have a demo on how it fits into the process from start to patient’s billing/payment
We can use zoom for the video conference if possible.
I’m new to openemr, thank you

Hello Mamadou. I am selling this module from 200 to 900 dollars, according to the size of the installation. The larger the hospital or clinic, the more questions and issues I will get.
Where are you located? Does the institution already have an EMR? Do you want to run it in a local server or in the web?

Hi Sergio,
I’m interested with that code…is the link and the Credential still working?


@sergiors can you email me at, looking forward at working with you.

I use OpenEmr for my 30 bedded hospital for outpatient as well as inpatient use. I have created the indoor bed facility as suggested by you, along with methods (and additional tables) for addition / deletion / modification of inpatient data / shifting of beds. I have also modified the tracker page to show currently admitted patients. I have created a customised LBF form for the discharge summary too, that includes operative notes.
However I do not use the procedure / pharmacy-prescription part since we have outsourced the pathology and pharmacy services. I am currently working to generate / store and use templates for automatic filling of forms for common diagnoses and for OPD use. These would then have to be just edited for minor details.

Attaching some screnshots: (sorry , can post only 1 image as I am a new user :frowning: )

I am interested in the codes. Please send me a mail at for further explanation and discussion.
Thanks in anticipation.

Hi Daniel,
Please go through my post on the indoor module if you are interested.