Inpatient module (proprietary)

Sergio, is this module still available to purchase?


Parag, is this indoor (inpatient) bed facility module still available?


Here is Bahmni’s In-Patient and Bed Management Features:

Hello Parag,

I am very interested in the inpatient module and would like to discuss it with you. Please let me know at


Phil T

I would love to try out your module again pls. Did so a while back and I loved it. Can you kindly arrange this?
Many thanks.


I have a demo at user is user33 and pass is user33

Check the inpatient module and let me know.


Sergio R. Samoilovich
cel. 15-5055-2415

That’s great, thank you. Let me interact with the demo and see how it is.


I have checked out the demo and it looks great. So how much will it cost me? Planning to setup OpenEmr version 5.0.1 on a local windows machine soon. The cumulative health care workers may be around 60. The clinic has about 20,000 patients on record cumulatively.
My mobile is +234 807 942 9527.
Possible to reach me on Whatsapp but if need be a Zoom meeting can be arranged.

Thanks again.

Hi everyone,
I have made some progress in the Indoor patients module. As of today the module can:

  1. Convert any encounter to an Inpatient admission encounter with edit / discharge / Delete (only admin) options and corresponding forms.
  2. Each admission encounter can have a new IPD number auto generated. It can also be modified manually if desired.
  3. Each admission stores the following details:
    — Date AND TIME of admission and discharge
    — Primary and Secondary (if applicable) Provider names/ID
    — Diagnosis
    — Type of admission (Normal / Charity / Insurance)
    — Type of discharge (Normal / death / referral / Discharge against advice)
    — Current / last bed number
    — Relevant notes (if any, such as referring doctor)
  4. All these details except IPD number are editable till the patient is admitted, such as shifting of beds or change in diagnosis.
  5. I have added a ‘beds’ table populated with the current room names, numbers and types, which shows up while editing the admission. Only currently empty beds show up for bed transfer / new admission avoiding duplicity.
  6. There is a provision of listing all the currently admitted patients with names / diagnoses / bedNumber / ProviderName at any given time. Clicking any name takes me directly to the concerned IPD encounter for editing.
  7. I have added , as mentioned previously, a Discharge Summary LBF form for noting Admission and surgery done (if any) details with treatment on discharge and followup date/time.
  8. The Fee sheet has been tweaked. I have a customised print format showing names of providers against specific services (Like Surgery / Anaesthesia / USG / Endoscopy). The products are all clubbed together and show up as one total amount in the final bill. The advance payments made are also reflected and adjusted for on this page.

Works in progress:
Customisable Templates generation for various forms like OPD visit. A single click will autofill the desired field(s) for common conditions / diagnoses

Including lab reports in the discharge summary.

Patient Auto callback functionality with auto appointment generation

Report generation for admissions – Date / Provider wise

woow this is great work, Kindly can we get in touch whatsup +256750905899 or email

please we will need a demo of this

Hello I have a demo at user is user33 and pass is user33

If you do not see it, check in

See how to use it in:

Check the inpatient module and let me know. yours,


Thanks for your interest.
For the demo kindly email me on or Whatsapp on (+91) 9321025168.

@paragp please check ur mail

Good Morning Mercy,

I have also taken a look at the demo but I want to find out from you if you actively integrated this module into a live OpenEMR environment and if it is working well for you.

I will soon need to have one in an environment so I am trying to get prepared.

Apart from the discussion here, can I reach out to you on the phone or WhatsApp?

Hope to hear from you.


Nuhu M

Hello Sergio,

We want to deploy openemr in our hospital and we are interested in getting the in-patient module. Kindly email me: so we discuss more. Thanks.

The templates work has been completed!
All LBF forms are now templatable and stored valuss can be applied with one click. Templates are stored separately for each user and can be given meaningful names. Currently I am using it for OPD and discharge summary LBF forms (created by me) for common diagnoses and surgeries

Also the reports functionality for generating provider wise reports for a particular date range has now been completed

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