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ICD10 spanish version?

I’m trying to customize EMR5 to my best friend medical consultant, but I’m trying to get a ICE10 spanish version (because we’re at Lima PERU, CIE10).
Any tip? advise?

hi, are you referring to ICD10, international classification of disease, the diagnosis codes? thanks

Hi Stephen !
Yes, That’s what I’m talking about, I live at Lima PERU, and my doctor friend doesn’t speak english, so I need that spanish version to help her.

Did you look to see if WHO offers a Spanish download for ICD10?

Yep, I did it but no luck
just english version


best resource contact info is at bottom of page

Thanks so much
I’ll try to find a downloadable version, hope get same zip package to import it to my EMR5

Hi Fernando

did you get the ICD10 in Spanish?
because I need it too

it looks like there may be a simple way to bring in the spanish translations from the above link,

if you save each chapter as a text file and then write a little php script to try to read the icd10_dx table by the code and if successful update the short and/or long description

Did anyone get the ICD10 in Spanish working on OpenEMR, Fernando? eliseoiie?

Thanks in advance!

Not for now. follow this thread: I need to add icd-10 manually

I have the Colombia CIE-10 version in XLS. But I’m a new user and cannot upload files.

flagging @robert.down on this to see if he can get you access to be able to upload files on your posts

Hi @josefflo,

I made you a regular user, try uploading now. Let me know if you are still having trouble.


I’m trying to attach the file and kept receiving an error message “Sorry, you must provide a file to upload.”

It can be found in this URL

Jose, thanks for sharing, the link asks for your permission.
Spanish: “Jose, gracias por compartir, el enlace me solicita tu permiso”.

It was possible to solve the translation of the CIE10, because I also have this problem, my name is Josue Caycho, I am from Peru and I am beginning to familiarize myself with this software.
Thanks a lot.