Error in add and Modify codes in ICD10

Hello to everyone in the community

I was testing the code tool, for the ICD10, I am changing the names from English to Spanish, since they are only translated in English, since they are not translated.
But the function to modify, blocks the indicated boxes.

To add a new code, ICD10 does not appear.

hi @eliseoiie, that’s because the external dataload does not permit you to modify, you’d have to load the codes individually :frowning:

remembering another thread about the spanish version, ICD10 spanish version?

Thank you!
I hope Fernando has got the Spanish version

hi @eliseoiie and @stephenwaite ,

Would it make sense to offer an option(via a global) where modified/translated code descriptions are used?


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Just to give a little background on how the external code work. The original code/descriptions can’t be modified, but modifications can be stored in the codes table (this is how the active flag and prices stuff are stored for them). So shouldn’t be tough to support the above option.

Yes and actually the codes module is very useful and easy to use. Very useful for setting up codes and price levels specific to the practice and payers. I use in Occupational Health where I may have 50 companies using 5 different price schedules depending on contract. Makes billing coding much easier.

If it would make sense, only for the administrator, since depending on the institution that uses the OpenEMR add new codes or change to a more appropriate name.

I am working with an institution for my Undergraduate Thesis and I had to translate the code and change some words of the Spanish translation, besides adding new codes.

That is my appreciation