I need to add icd-10 manually


(Walk) #1

I need to add only this ICD, for example:
X3991 Glaucoma

Administration > Other > Add External Loads, accept only ZIP

How to create this ZIP File only with this line?

If it is possible, can you attach this ZIP File here?


(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @walk, have you imported the ICD10 codes previously?

(Walk) #3

Hi @stephenwaite,

Yes, I installed it.

However, in my country ICD10 are different. I’d like to add specific/custom ICD10.

Is it possible to add only one custom ICD10?

I created this TXT file and I compressed to ZIP. I uploaded to folder contib/icd10, but it didn’t work.


00001 X3991   1 Glaucoma                                                     Glaucoma

Any idea?


(Stephen Waite) #4

sorry @walk, it’s all or nothing with the external data loads

(Walk) #5

@stephenwaite, I´d like to translate the table: icd10_dx_order_code.

Is there any menu that I do this?

(Luis Angel Uriarte) #6

Hi @walk. I was able to do it in the following way. first I got the code (in Spanish) and put it in the database. Then modify the code ./custom/code_type_inc.php. If you want I’ll give you the tables and the code.

(Walk) #7

Hi @luisuriarte, it would be great if you could do this.


(Luis Angel Uriarte) #8

I do not know if I can put the code and upload the files here. @walk If you have an email, we will get in touch. Regards. luis.uriarte@gmail.com

(Stephen Waite) #9

thanks for sharing your success story @luisuriarte, if possible please upload the files or better yet submit a pull request at the github repo so that we might be able to bring this solution to the community https://www.open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/Git_for_dummies

there have been others seeking a solution, ICD10 spanish version?

(Luis Angel Uriarte) #10

Hi @stephenwaite. I do not know if someone has needed it. I have introduced, in addition to ICD-10, other codes that are used in my country (Argentina), such as CIAP-2 (https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clasificación_Internacional_de_Atención_Primaria) and Dentistry (http://web2.cba.gov.ar/salud/ipam/nomenOdon.htm). If you tell me how, I send you the files. Sorry for my English. Regards

(Stephen Waite) #11

thank you @luisuriarte, i follow, so you’re not used to using git or github? you could always upload the files here if you feel like it

(Luis Angel Uriarte) #12

I’m not used to using git or github. I just installed Github Desktop (I use windows) and I’m seeing how it works. I’m looking for information. Soon I will go up.

ICD10 spanish version?
(Luis Angel Uriarte) #13

Ok. Here are two ICD-10 files in Spanish (ICD-10). One is with terms and the other with procedures. First I entered these two files in the database. Then modify the file ./custom/code_type_inc.php after ICD-10 Definitions (Row 173 approx.) And it is as follows:

// *************** Definiciones CIE 10 por Luis *************
// Modificado agregando Procedimientos y diagnósticos 2017-06-05
define_external_table($code_external_tables,20,‘cie10_diag’,‘code’,‘desc’,‘desc_short’,array(“active=‘1’”,“valid_for_coding = ‘1’”),‘revision DESC’);
define_external_table($code_external_tables,21,‘cie10_proced’,‘code’,‘desc’,‘desc_short’,array(“active=‘1’”,“valid_for_coding = ‘1’”),‘revision DESC’);
//**** End Definiciones CIE 10

$cd_external_options = array(
‘0’ => xl(‘No’),
‘4’ => xl(‘ICD9 Diagnosis’),
‘5’ => xl(‘ICD9 Procedure/Service’),
‘1’ => xl(‘ICD10 Diagnosis’),
‘6’ => xl(‘ICD10 Procedure/Service’),
‘2’ => xl(‘SNOMED (RF1) Diagnosis’),
‘7’ => xl(‘SNOMED (RF1) Clinical Term’),
‘9’ => xl(‘SNOMED (RF1) Procedure’),
// Agregado por Luis ***
‘20’=> xl(‘CIE-10 Diagnósticos’),
‘21’=> xl(‘CIE-10 Procedimientos’),
// Fin agregado ***
Then from Operator / Administration / Lists / Code Types, you add these two tables.
There is also a complete translation into Spanish of SNOMED-CT that can be downloaded from https://www.nlm.nih.gov/healthit/snomedct/international.html (it is necessary to subscribe). This is easier to add, just place the compressed file in …/contrib/snomed/ and then go to Administration / Other / External Data and add it. I hope I have helped. Any doubt I am at your disposal. regards.

(Samuel) #14

many thanks for sharing.
I managed to insert the table in the openemr database (and I’d like to do the same in French following your template).
I also edited the code_type_inc.php as required.
Then I can perfectly add the table in the code_type list and find the reference to the sql table.
When I want to use it in “medical problems” for example, the cie10 list appears, I can choose the cie10 code, however the sql query failed when i validate:
Query Error

ERROR: query failed: SELECT desc as code_text,desc_short as code_text_short FROM cie10_diag WHERE cie10_diag.code=? AND active=‘1’ AND valid_for_coding = ‘1’ ORDER BY revision DESC LIMIT 1

Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘desc as code_text,desc_short as code_text_short FROM cie10_diag WHERE cie10_diag’ at line 1

/var/www/openemr/custom/code_types.inc.php at 753:sqlQuery
/var/www/openemr/interface/patient_file/summary/stats_full.php at 210:lookup_code_descriptions(CIE10:A00.-)

I assume that I have to modify the query syntax in code_types.inc.php, but I’m not a developer (physician).
I’m running ubuntu 16.04 x64
mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.23, for Linux (x86_64) using EditLine wrapper
openemr Version Number: v5.0.1 (4)

Many thanks,

(Samuel) #15

just for feedback resolved the problem by changing the name of column ‘desc’ -> ‘long_desc’ when creating the sql table cie10_diag.
The sql query did not manage to find the ‘desc’ key, problem reserved keyword ? (DESC)?

will post a french version of the CIM10


Has this option to add ICD-10 manually been updated? Is there a simple way to add ICD-10? I only need to manually add few codes. Thank you.


I was able to update the ICD-10 by goto Administration -> Other -> External Data Load -> ICD10 and update.

The codes are updated.

(Elvis Muñoz Pruna) #17

Si se procedió con la carga correctamente pero se tiene que buscar el archivo por medio de la opcion
Administracion\Otros\Carga Datos Externos\ se tienen que buscar los archivos .zip
en especial 2018-ICD-10-Code-Descriptions.zip alli encontraras la descripciones de las ICD10

(Elvis Muñoz Pruna) #18

Al fin lo logre volver a cargar los datos externos para los Diagnosticos ICD10 e ICD9 ahora le explico como:

1.- Si ya procedieron con la carga del ICD10 o ICD9 se debe borrar el registro correspondiente de la carga en la tabla standardized_tables_track ya que aqui se guarda el indicador de la carga realizada.

2.- Si tienen los archivos a cargar de los ICD en la tabla supported_external_dataloads deben de ser iguales a los indicados en la columna load_filename

Y alli problema resuelto, cualquier duda me pueden escribir al correo: servitecniec@gmail.com

(Luis Angel Uriarte) #19

Thank you very much for the Elvis information. A query. Please. Where he got the files of ICD-10 and ICD-9 in Spanish?.
Thank you so much.

In Spanish:
Muchas gracias por la informacion Elvis. Una consulta. Por favor. ¿Donde consiguió los archivos de ICD-10 e ICD-9 en español?.
Muchas Gracias.

(Elvis Muñoz Pruna) #20

En realidad no los tengo en españpya que todos los que son codigo icd y los rxid mas los medicamentos standarizados son de paga por los listados en cambia aca en mi pais no necesito todos a lo mucho los que me dice el misniterio de salud de aca de Ecuador que a lo mucho son 900 medicamentos, pero ahora estoy cargado los mismos pero al momento que hago la medicacion como se muestra en la siguiente imagen:

ya tengo cargado unos medicamentos e las tablas sct_descriptions y sct_concepts pero no aparacen en la opcion de busqueda, si me puedes dar una idea de como presentarlo te lo agradecaria mucho y si lo logro hacer antes que responda subire en el post.