How to hide appointments menu from patient portal


(Hashim) #1

Hello friends,

May i know how to hide the appointments and accounting menu entries from the patient portal. I tried the Access control settings but couldn’t find any patient user group. How to to add them manually ?
Administrators, clinician, physicians are there.

Thank You

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @hashimea, checkout another nice contrib from Jerry Patient Portal Two Work

(Hashim) #3

@stephenwaite Thanks, It worked.
I would like to hide the accounting menu also. Is there any way ?

(Stephen Waite) #4

hi @hashimea, sure but we should probably check with @sjpadgett to see if he thinks this should be a global setting like the appointments.

(Jerry P) #5

@hashimea and @stephenwaite Keep in mind you folks that are paying attention to MU that the ability to download documents by patient is necessary, although doesn’t apply to this update. Please see here:

for this request. Ported to v5.0.1 on my git.

(Hashim) #6

@sjpadgett Thank you, And i am not disabling the ability to download documents. I think there should be global for disabling Accounting/ledger menu from patient portal when we are not using openemr billing.

Also when i tried to download documents, the zip comes corrupted,