How to Delete a Patient

(Clement) #1


How can I delete a patient from Openemr?

Please advise.


(ViSolve) #2

Hi @jhunyan,
A patient deletion can be done by the following steps,

  • Under Administration -> Globals, goto features tab.
  • In this tab check the checkbox named Allow Administrators to Delete Patients, Then click save.
  • Now select the patient need to be deleted from Patient/Client -> Patients then the patient’s demographics will be loaded.
  • In top of the demographics there will be a delete option near to the patient name.

Note: This option is only available for Administrators.


(Clement) #3

Hi, I got it.


(Calvin Ty) #4

deleting is easy. Recover is harder. I am still looking for a way to do it efficiently

(Clement) #5


That is why frequent backup is necessary if you accidentally delete a patient.

More information about backup and restore can be seen in previous forum

Good luck!