Help with edit-payment

When you go to fee -> Batch Payments - Search payments

Then when you search for a check or payer you get a list of transactions that were posted against the payment.

Then there is a patient search box at the bottom of the page. This search box no longer returns any patient details. The edit_payment.php page has not been edited and the ar_activity, ar_session and form_encounter still match up for the particular patients.

I tried to trace back but can’t figure out what the problem would be. Any suggestions?

I don’t understand issue and works for me however, your particulars may be different from mine where I don’t see the issue. I do:

Then edit a post:

If patient search doesn’t give a result then change the select for search parameters. (circled in red above)

What do you get when you click on Newman, Alice Jones . I don’t get anything.

Don’t pay attention that I use snomeds here but:

Check your error logs including if you get any console errors or goto Adminisration->Globals->Logging and turn on User Debug to All

Log out then back in after setting.

I turned on audit all. Nothing comes up but the distribution on the bottom isn’t working. Thanks for the tip. I will keep trying other things.

I feel like it is something to do with the AJAX calls.

I wanted you to turn on Use Debugging Options so JS and PHP will display on screen or a popup.

Hmmm. I turn on all but no pop-up. Let me try again.

Tried it again nothing comes up. Also when I try to go to Administrative - Logs nothing comes up - It times out. I am going to upgrade to 6.0 but should I do a fresh installation or an upgrade?

I did some updates but none that I can’t transfer over.

What is your advice?

Oh heck @tjbarr I thought you were already on v6. I can’t do anything with 5.0.2.
I like to create new directory for upgrades then copy sites over and rename directories when I go live.
Backup database then after you copy sites directory over you’re attached to your DB then run openemr sql_upgrade from new directory.

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Regarding first psragraph:

Create new directory for

Unzip 6.0 then rename newsite to oldsite?

I updated to 6.0. Everything went well except I still can’t get the edit payment distribute to work. Gonna try troubeshooting it today.

@sjpadgett I updated both test and production and got everything working but still having the issue with the edit_payment.

I think my problem is in this code?

Found in error log
PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /public_html/emr/interface/billing/edit_payment.php on line 953

@stephenwaite I noticed you had been working with a bug on 5.02 with an issue on edit_payment. I updated to 6.0 and applied the patch but am still having this issue. I have the server people checking the php version and the configuration in php.ini. Also I posted above the error warning I found in logs.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.

can take a look @tjbarr but we’ll most likely need @sjpadgett’s help who’s been working in here more than anyone

Thanks so much for the reply.

I’ve shown how this works for me. Now though that i’m on PHP8, there are issues with edit/batch payments. It works fine in PHP7.4 so,

  • What PHP version are you on?
  • Rephrase your issue with step by step actions of how to reproduce.
  • Give screenshots.
  • Again, ensure you have User Debug set to All in Globals Logging.

PHP 7.3
I am turning on all the debug settings and will send you screenshots.