HCPCS codes not displaying

I noticed that HCPCS codes is not searchable.
Am using openemr 5.0 on xampp with windows 7.

When i go to administration > codes, then i click on HCPCS and click on search, it does not display anything. whereas in openemr 4.2, it displays all the codes under the HCPCS.

Please what could the problem be and the solution.


Sorry to ask but have you installed the hcpcs codes?

hi @aterad, unable to verify on http://demo.openemr.io/openemr/interface/login/login.php?site=default

Hello Stephen,
Thanks for your response. I have checked the demo site likewise, you cant click on the search button because it will not display any listed codes under HCPCS but it does for others. Perphaps, this might be a bug. Dont know anyway but it’s not working.


Hello APerez
HCPCS is not among the installable codes under administration > others> external data loads.
Any idea?

Try this

it’s working on the above demo, first i added a hcpcs to test

Hello Stephen,
Yes you can add any code and it will display it no doubt but am particular about pre installed codes like icd9 and icd10.
Again one curious thing is that in version 4.2, the hcpcs is displaying.

Hello Perez,
The suggested code above is not importing without errors on 5.0, though it installed perfectly on version 4.2 and 4.1 without errors, I guess the tables in the 5.0 is not same as 4.2, hence the errors.

HI @aterad, the icd9 and icd10 modify function is fixed in the most recent patch, http://open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/OpenEMR_Patches

Time to revive this topic. I had an email come in this morning explaining how the HPCPS doesn’t display properly in the system. I have verified this in the first demo system. Here are the results.

After entering the HPCPS, two of them have a modifier and one does not. Note all three have the same code.

On the fee sheet when the one with the modifier is selected from the drop-down. The modifier is correct but the description is incorrect.

This is propagated throughout the rest of the system because the fee sheet is only matching the code number.

The values that are being selected are these.

 <select name="search_results" style="background: var(--yellow)" onchange="codeselect(this)" class="form-control">
     <option value=""> Search Results (3 items)
     </option><option value="HCPCS|H2019|">H2019 Psychological testing</option>
     <option value="HCPCS|H2019:HQ|">H2019:HQ Group therapy</option>
     <option value="HCPCS|H2019:HR|">H2019:HR Psychotherapy</option>

Absent the description, the SQL query only finds the number and modifier.
I have yet to really look into this. So, I am bringing it up here as requested. @stephenwaite Thanks!

hi @juggernautsei, do you have the login link to the demo you used so can check it out?


Someone has changed the default password today. So, my testing will be wiped out.

these have the latest patch for 6.0

I tested the system here with the latest patch and it does the same thing. I can select Group therapy and the Psychological testing shows with the HQ modifier.

regarding 6.0.0 demos, there are three of them at (and they now use patch 1) to avoid issues where credentials or demo is broken by user:
(and there are also a couple 6.0.0-dev demos that @stephenwaite pointed to)

Will be adding the feature that resets the passwords automatically every minute or so to avoid the folks getting locked out (have to update the code on demo farm that does this since no longer storing the salt separately in 6.0.0).

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this isn’t right :slight_smile: didn’t look at block below

The code change worked well when working in the fee sheet as it now pulls the proper descriptor based on the modifier, thank you:


Now, can we get the changes also applied to relevant reports?

For example, we create the most-common reports for records requests by either using the “Generate Report” or “Download PDF” features from the patient record dashboard, under the “report” tab:


First Reporting:

When clicking on “Generate Report” for the respective encounter, the following is generated when using the code H2019:HR:


As you can see, the procedure codes is missing the modifier (HR) as well as the title.

But… when using the same code, H2019, without modifier, the following shows in the report:


Second Reporting:

Looks like the same is generated when using the “Download PDF” option:




I have not yet checked any other reporting modules, so not sure if more coding needs to be changed across reports.