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GSoC 2020 proposal review and feedback

Hello mentors

Here is my proposal for OpenEMR.
My main ideas are related to modernized styling and user interface and upgrade codebase.
Refine Modernized UI for OpenEMR - GSoC 2020

Please review it and give me suggestions and feedback, Thanks.

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Seems like the same thing we are proposing to do here.

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hi @tywrenn ,
I haven’t looked at this proposal yet, but note that the students will be picking a project and will be writing a proposal on it to apply for the GSoC (due date is 3/31/20, but good idea to work on it early as Cliff is doing), so it should be very similar to the actual project :slight_smile:


hi @stu01509 ,
That is a nice starting point for the proposal. Recommend refining it as you continue to learn more about the project/codebase over the next week (and then poke me to look at it again).
thanks! -brady

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Hi, @brady.miller

Thank you so much for the review my proposal and give me a very useful suggestion,
I will continue to learn more about the codebase and follow your suggestions to improve the proposal.


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Hi @brady.miller and all mentors

I according to these two weeks I contribution to OpenEMR experience modified my proposal,
I adjust my timeline and add the reference link below my work content to description my goal,
I also added import ESLint to my idea list, Please review it again.

Hope you can give me suggestions and feedback, Thank you. :slight_smile:

Modified Refine Modernized UI for OpenEMR - GSoC 2020

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hi @stu01509 ,

Looking better, for the deliverables:

  1. item 1 makes sense
  2. item 2 would separate out the jquery and focus more on “Remove legacy javascript components and packages” since jquery-ui may be gone already, but never fear, there is a spot left in the OpenEMR codebase where there are still legacy js packages are being used; check out Modules->Manage Modules to see what I mean.
  3. item 3 makes sense
  4. item 4 makes sense
  5. item 5 is where would add something like Develop pathway for migrating away from Jquery (this is because would be way overly ambitious to do this to entire codebase, however, deriving a solution and then incorporating it into a small portion of the codebase would be feasible)

I would incorporate migrating/removal of inline styling (part of item 3 likely). I’d rec trying that in a couple scripts also to get an idea of what that will entail for the entire codebase.

Since this is basically a code walk through, the timeline makes sense where focusing on one script first (to design the process), then followed by a set of scripts (to further optimize the process), then followed by rolling it out on the codebase.

Will be happy to look at the next revision (prob would do after have a better idea of what the extent of removing inline styling will be; ie. try to do a couple).

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Hi @brady.miller,

Thanks for your review and suggestion, I will modify my proposal about jquery-item to focusing on JavaScript each libraries dependency.

And try to refactor some JavaScript file and remove inline-style to Bootstrap style, Do you recommend me to try to refactor JavaScript in recently PR, It may like to replace var to let or const and using ES6 syntax.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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hi @stu01509 ,

If considering minor refactoring of js to es6, then definitely would try out a couple scripts/PRs first (like the inline-style removal) to get an idea of whether that would be a feasible element to include in your project.


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Hi @brady.miller

I adjust a part of my proposal about jquery-UI, I agree with jquery-UI may be gone already, But in many files still have some override jquey-UI CSS style and js, Also in my deliverables Cleanup of redundant code.

In addition, I added the Styling Guide in OpenEMR in my proposal, I think Before we start to refine the OpenEMR UI, We need a completely Stying guide to definition each section of their style e.g., margin and padding.

Please review it again, Looking forward to your feedback.
Thank you.

Refine Modernized UI for OpenEMR - GSoC 2020 v3

hi @stu01509 ,

Overall looks very solid. Would work the styling guide into the timeline. Otherwise, I don’t have much more to add :slight_smile:

@tywrenn , can you check out this proposal?

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Hello @brady.miller @robert.down here is a link to my proposal for Standardized patient data for OpenEMR, please have a look. I am looking forward to your feedback. The docs allows for making comments. I can also grant edit access if needed. Thanks.

Hi @brady.miller
I appreciate your review and feedback, It’s very useful and gives me more confidence :+1: .

If @tywrenn can review my proposal, Maybe can let me find other key point and help me to improve my proposal.

Will provide some feedback a bit later tonight

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Hi @robert.down

If possible, Can you also review my proposal and give me a feedback?
Thank you :slight_smile:


hi @prondubuisi ,
Very good starting point on the proposal. I left suggestions as comments in the google doc.


Regarding the OpenEMR CodeBase Upgrade stage, we have already updated it to BS4, yet the real issue is getting the styles and formats all correct e.g. some pages use the BS grid improperly or aren’t responsive.

Overall I love the proposal :slight_smile:


Hi @brady.miller @tywrenn @robert.down and everyone,
Please review my GSoC Proposal

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Hello @brady.miller thanks for the review. I made some clarifications about the seeder service in the comments section and also rearranged deliverables . Please have a look. Thanks.

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Hi @tywrenn

I am so glad to hear your feedback and love my proposal,
It really helps me to adjust my proposal :grinning:

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