Florida E-FORCSE Integration

The link below, describes the steps to integrate the Electronic Florida Online Reporting of Controlled Substance Evaluation Program (E-FORCSE) into an EMR System. Granted, this a Florida only deal and there is a third party involved however, we are willing to contribute to this cause because we are spending hundreds of dollars each month downloading, printing and subsequently shredding dozens of these reports, when we could be linked up and pulling this information directly into patient records.

Any hope of getting this evaluated for possible inclusion into OpenEMR?
Also would love to hear from anyone else interested in contributing to this cause.

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That kind of looks interesting and fun; what is the timeline to make this work?

Hi Brad,

We would propose getting it going before the end of this year, provided there’s enough interest and support.

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Interested in this as well if it similar to the system in Georgia:

So I dug into the Georgia details which uses Bamboo Health (which I guess was formally known as Apriss which is what Florida mentions in the link @hitechelp posted about) and apparently there is state funding allocated to pay for the EHR integration.


The bamboo website mentions that most states are funding these integrations. I’m not sure @brad if you already looked into things, but rolling out a bamboo health module integration should be doable, looks like that organization works in the vast majority of 50 states for PDMP integration. I’m interested in helping things out from the Georgia angle since its one of my favorite states :slight_smile:

The PDMP will be included with the Rcopia integration from DrFirst.
We should be starting the build next week. DrFirst covers all 50 states and is a partner with SureScripts. So, there will be no need to do a state by state integration. IMO.

This is great news. We applied today. And we’re willing to pitch in even if the state doesn’t. Although we’re also writing letters to our state and federal representatives to encourage them. If there is anything FPA can do to help out we will give it our best effort.

I just heard back from Bamboo regarding the application I submitted. (The application process involves choosing your EMR system from a drop down list which doesn’t include OpenEMR). This was their response;
If Open EMR is not on the list, it does not have an integration with Bamboo. However, they may be using a Plug-in to assist—e.g. Dosespot, RXNT etc… Please confirm with your EMR if they are using a plug in for the service. Thanks.

Sounds like Rcopia will be part of OEMR in the near future and that I don’t need to apply to start the integration process, true? I ask because I’m building new servers and looking into using Docker but not if that will cause problems or long delays in the new server roll out.

Soon is a relative term.
The contract has been signed and sent to SureScripts. It is a 2 week wait for SureScripts to approve the application. If they do, then we move forward with the build process. It can take up to 3 more weeks to get the module functional. This is our current time line.

I’ll take that as a “yes”. Many thanks.