Fee to auto calculate quantity x price of one tablet

it would be nice if a code can be put to set
when a drug is added to the pharmacy, create a code to price of one tablet and save it in db new field.
and auto calculate quantity x Price of one tablet when we enter the "On Hand " and the “Total Cost” from that Price of one tablet should autocalculate and auto fill the the value in
line 137 in sites>default>documents>smarty>main>2b4a525dec31c31d8ead0c425a0f273e29120129_0.file.general_edit.html.php

maybe a new column can be inserted in one of the tables to hold th value of one tablet.

infact this field should not be visible as the user might be tempted to enter a different price…
in the background price of n no of tabs should be auto calculated and the amount billed to the pt.

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