Errors after editing Demographics Layout/Not loading

(Anton) #1

I changed and deleted various entries in Admin -> Layouts, mostly removing Encounter form fields which we will never need to de-clutter the interface. After doing so, I got on a patient page a Query not found “squad” error message. Login newly in does not open the patient list at all, but the following error message:
“DataTables warning: table id=pt_table - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see

First: Should I better not have touched the Layouts? I thought removing fields there should be relatively safe?
What is the best way to restore the function? E.g. is there a certain default file I could just place in a folder? (I tried to re-install already the latest patch 7 for 5.0.1, but that didn’t do the trick.
I assume no data is actually lost, only displaying it incorrectly?

OpenEMR Version

Operating System
Raspbian Stretch (more or less Debian 9, on a Raspberry Pi 3)

(Anton) #2

Just saw this thread and now I know what I did and shouldn’t have do. I would have not expected that…

So it comes down to the question how do I restore the default with keeping the data alive?

(Anton) #3

Fixed it by simple copying all the missing fields from the demo version, from what I see it works again…

(Oscar Román) #4

you changed some field id, or delete it…fiels like pumpid, fname, lname are important field, if you don’t use some of this just go to UOR and select Not required, when you save the changes this fields will hide,