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Draft Onboarding Documentation

This is a Draft.

Set up Slack Communications

  1. Download Slack onto your computer
    Slack for windows
    Slack for MacOS
    Slack for Linux

  2. In your smartphone’s app store, find the slack app and download it to your device.

Get an invite to join the OpenEMR Slack chat by navigating to this site:
How we keep in touch
And request an invite by selecting the below highlighted link

Then on the page it redirects you to, enter your email address and click “Get My Invite”

Then check your email and follow the “Join Now” link.

It should redirect you to a page where you’ll set your Slack user display name and a password for that specific slack community.

Uncheck the box if you wish and click “Create Account.”

This will launch the slack OpenEMR community inside your web browser but we’ll want to add the community to the slack app that you just installed. Launch the slack app on your computer and click the plus button on the leftmost navigation pane.

Then select “Add a new workspace.”

This will open a new page in your web browser. Type openemr in the “your-workspace-url” field and click continue.

Now you should see the OpenEMR logo pop up on the leftmost navigation pane in your laptop slack installation.

Inside the OpenEMR slack community there a number of public and private channels.

Open the general channel and say hello if you’d like.

Take a look at the other public channels in the community by clicking the plus button next to “channels” and select Browse channels.

This will bring up the Channel Browser, take a look at the list of public channels.

If you see one you’re interesting in following, click it to preview the contents. If you’re not already a member of the channel it should ask if you’d like to join the channel.

Now go ahead and repeat the process on the slack app on your smartphone to log into the OpenEMR community.

This is a Draft

Set up Telegram Communications
The openEMR community supports both slack, telegram, and the community forums for communication. Some members have a strong preference or only use one. So I’d recommend downloading both so you can get into contact with everyone.

  1. Download telegram for your PC(personal computer), install it, and create an account.

On the below wiki page

Select the OpenEMR Telegram chat link.

Then select Open Telegram Desktop or View in Telegram to open the OpenEMR telegram chat.

  1. Find telegram in your smartphone’s app store and download it.

  2. Repeat the process on your mobile phone to join the OpenEMR telegram chat.

This is a Draft

Set up Zoom Communications

Since OpenEMR is all remote/online we use zoom to have regular conference calls.

  1. Download zoom client with your web browser of choice on your PC.

  2. Using your smartphone’s app store, search for the Zoom app. On android it’s called “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”

  3. Or, using your mobile phone, download it directly from the above website under Zoom Mobile Apps.

This is a draft

Set up reoccuring calendar appointments in your calendar of choice.(Outlook, google calendar, apple calendar, etc.)

Weekly General Conference Call
Check out the below linked wiki page with details on the weekly conference calls.

As of right now it occurs every Saturday from 2-3pm EST (Eastern Time Zone), which is 11:00 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Copy this link and/or it’s contents into your reoccurring calendar appointment so the details are easy for you to access on the go.

Monthly Board Meeting
In addition to the weekly general conference calls there is a once monthy board meeting for the OpenEMR foundation that is open to the public. The OpenEMR foundation is a registered nonprofit that manages the OpenEMR codebase.

Check out the following link for the conference call details.

Add a reoccurring appointment to your calendar app of choice for the board meeting in case you’d ever like to join. At this time the monthly board meetings take place on the second Wednesday of each month. From 9-10pm EST, 6-7pm PST.

Be sure to copy the above link and/or its text so you can access the meeting information on the go.

This is a draft

Make a github account if you don’t already have one

Then use that github account to make an account on this site.

Keep up with the latest OpenEMR happenings by:

(Note that if you don’t have LinkedIn yet I highly recommend getting it if you anticipate being on the job market at any point)