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Hello Everyone

I’m trying to turn my display language to french but doesn’t work

Anybody could help me ?

hi pydens,

welcome to the forum.

have you tried the menu ‘admin/globals’ - then choose ‘locale’ and set the default language to ‘french’ - then scroll to the bottom and click ‘save’ - log out and in again?

does this achieve what you were after? - it displays everything in french


Hi Pydens Bangudi
Go to Admin->confg->locale->default language->choose french and click save.


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Hello @Pydens_Bangudi -
Your question deserves a few details.
The method described by the OPs will change the default language for all OpenEMR users whenever any of them log into the OpenEMR instance.
However, you can also change it for a logged in user without changing the default language for the other users.

On the login screen set the language dropdown on the login screen:

And so, even if the default language is set to English in the globals, the user’s display will be in the selected language. Note that the user will need to select their preferred language on each login.

However, if you are not very familiar with OpenEMR in other languages, it may be surprising to see as many English expressions as one sees, even after changing the default language. In this picture you can see that the menus are translated but the page contents are still in English.

That is because OpenEMR is not completely translated yet. If you are a native speaker of some language besides English and you have an interest in helping OpenEMR become truly multilingual please read this forum thread on contributing translations.

Best regards- Harley