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Custom Template

Hi @sjpadgett
a few weeks ago I heard you talk about a custom templating system that you have embedded into the program. So, I went looking for it. I found my first clue at the bottom of an LBF when I was doing a View Page Source. There was a curious CustomTemplate.js at the bottom of the page. I started following the breadcrumbs as best I know-how. I ended up in the file. I can see that there is a replacement of ***. I have found no documentation that can take me further. My assumption is that the LBF would need to have something like the fax SMS form where you place some default text in the form using the Static Text data type.
What I want to know is where is the interface to store what you want to replace it with?myfirsttemplate.txt (13 Bytes)

While I was writing this up I thought about the document template feature. I went there to upload a template. The file which is attached above. To see if I could figure out this puzzle you have placed in the system. Well, that did not work out because the system kept showing filetype not accepted even though I went to Administration Files and enabled every type of text file there is in the system. Still no joy. It was a WTF moment. I even tried to add text/txt, I enabled all documents and tried an odt file and it still did not work. Mounting frustration. Now it is time to walk away and have a tall glass of refreshing lemonaid and think happy thought.

I do like your first template

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Two different animals! The CustomTemplate.js I assume is for the original and my fax module email and sms notification template.

What you want is to manage the templates for portal and demographics documents in the Portal Dashboard.
Sandra and @htuck updated the wiki however, i’m getting ready to put up a reorg’ed portal PR today maybe.
Kind of cool stuff: Patient Documents for portal and staff rework

Don’t beat yourself up on this stuff. If you get stuck on my stuff, shoot me a P.M and if i’m available, I may have a quick answer. I only charge $199.00 per PM.:slight_smile:
Still post on forum though as others may need the info.