Creating invoices for patients

I want to be able to generate an invoice for each visit for my patients. It would include my clinic’s name, location, date, patient’s name and address, and the services as per the billing codes. It would also have my logo and name in the bottom right corner. Also, would it be possible for the invoice numbers to go up as each one is generated?

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Hello @Yaro and welcome to the forum!

OpenEMR has a fully functional invoicing capability that is discussed in the OpenEMR wiki. Most of the articles show older versions (4.x) of OpenEMR but the interface controls work the same in the newer versions.

This article specifically talks about how to generate either a single invoice or all the invoices due at the time of processing:

The wiki is a large resource of tutorials for all versions of OpenEMR but you can search it for other pages related to invoicing (or anything else) by entering a term into the search box at the bottom of any wiki page.

You can see that the default invoice format does not provide all the information you want, as is the case for most users. Therefore most people will customize their invoices. And they come to the forum to find out how to do that.

Use the forum search tool

to locate posts on invoice customization. This one looks helpful,

though the forum has many other posts you should check.

Good luck, and come back to the forum if you have any other questions!
Best- Harley