Simple invoice for the customers

(ViSolve) #1

Hello Piet van Dalen,

Here are my answers for your questions:
We are already having an option to generate invoice in OpenEMR. Are you looking to know the work-flow of it or you mean to ask something else?

To customize the invoice template by adding logo and stuff you need to make some code level changes to some of these files:


Creating a simple invoice
(Piet Van Dalen) #2

Hi Visolveemr,

I am looking for the workflow indeed.

Do you have examples of the adjusted php and inc files? I am not really into coding.


(Piet Van Dalen) #3

I have a small private practice and want to create simple invoices for customers. These invoices have to be paid by the patients themselves.

  1. How can I make an invoice?

  2. How can I create a template with a default structure and things like a company logo?

Thanks a lot.

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Hello Piet Van Dalen,

Please follow the below steps to generate invoice for a patient in OpenEMR:

  • Make an appointment for the patient.
  • Select/create an encounter for the patient.
  • Open up the feesheet(Fees>Fee Sheet) and search for CPT procedure/service that you have already listed.
  • Save the feesheet and go to Payment page(Fees>Payment).
  • Payment screen is having an option to generate invoice for the CPT procedure/service as subjected to the patient.

Click here to know more using OpenEMR user guide.


(Piet Van Dalen) #5

Hi ViSolve,

Thanks. In the payment screen i can indeed select “generate invoice”. However, the generated document has the title “Receipt for Payment”. I am not a native English speaker but I think this means that you give this to someone that already paid as proof that he paid.

What I need is a document with the title “Invoice” including and invoice number and payment details etc. How can I do this?

I really appreciate your help!

(Jerry P) #6

In Globals turn on Posting(this is where you may find eob’s) then goto Fees->Posting, select patient and you may generate invoice there along with counters for number of times invoice is sent etc. Invoiceing setup can be found in Globals also.

(ViSolve) #7

Hello Piet Van Dalen,

Follow the steps as mentioned by sjpadgett to add invoice details.

If you need further more details,you have to customize on OpenEMR code level.


(Al) #8

I also need to print simple invoices, and after payment has been received, a simple receipt.

The above steps (courtesy of ViSolve) don’t work for me OpenEMR 5.0.1(6).
My Fees menu doesn’t offer the Payment choice.
In the above referenced video, the Fees choice show Fee Sheet / Checkout / Billing / Payments as sub-choices.
In OpenEMR 5.0.1(6) only ‘Fee Sheet’ is available as a sub-choice. The others are not there.
Have the sub-choices: ‘Checkout’ / ‘Billing’ / ‘Payments’ been moved or removed?
Or is there configuration needed to see those menu items?
I’ve googled the relevant terms, but don’t see any relevant info.

Thank you for your help.


(Stephen Waite) #9

hi @OptoIT, what is your access control under admin->user?