Copy Previous Encounter

Is there any way to copy the previous encounter to a new encounter?

For acupuncture most of the treatments and notes are the same with some changes. This will save a lot of time. Some other EMR platforms I used in the past offer this functionality such as JaneApp and Eclipse.

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Hello @acu-emr
The forum search tool is a wonderful thing!
As you might imagine, this question is about a v common issue and it has been asked many times in this forum.

Two of the 32 results are:

Of course, if the question is asked with slightly different terms one will get more, or fewer, results and also probably different ones for a more comprehensive response.
Good luck with your research!
Best- Harley


there’s a recent pull request to enable this feature for layout based forms :man_dancing:


@stephenwaite v cool, that’s going to be popular!

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Thanks for the reply.
I did see those but was hoping if anyone had a solution since it was a few years ago.
I should’ve mentioned that in the post, that’s my error.

I look forward seeing the pull request develop!