Duplicate entries in patient encounter history **solved**

Hi, I try again since there was no answer in 3 weeks, I guess you were all too busy with the new 5.0.1 rel.
Hello there,

Probably I missed something or done something wrong, but is there a way to get around the duplicate entries for every patient document in the encounter history.
When I link uploaded x-rays to an encounter, it appears there ok, but also leaves the document link in the overview, so any document is mentioned twice in the list. It really clutters up the patient’s encounters history.
It did that in version 4.2 and also in version 5.0 . What am I doing wrong?
See the screenshots

hi @roland, could you upload the document here for testing purposes? thank you

hi @stephenwaite, thanks for your fast reply. it does that with any document; here are two of themAnonymized20180429(1).dcm (282.7 KB)


thank you @roland, am not able to duplicate here https://one.openemr.io/openemr/interface/login/login.php?site=default under john doe

would you consider upgrading to the recently released 5.0.1(1)?

Well, but I could: go and see patient John Doe again in the link you sent me. If that is openemr 5.0.1+ then upgrading won’t do much good.

ok, thank you, looks like there might be a :bug: when you tag a document to an encounter

yep, and if there are many documents in a patients records the past encounters overview is endless and the doctor really gets confused…
thanks for replying so fast

@stephenwaite, i make a living hunting for :bug::bug::bug: on and inside our :cow2::dog2: patients, but this one i have not found yet. would be a great improvement if it is :microscope: hunted down and eliminated

should be pretty simple to fix in patient_file/history/encounters.php

lol… Pretty brave use of the word “simple”. I abandoned that word when I thought it would be simple to change button groupings in Billing :slight_smile:
I think it always worked this way but agree it shouldn’t. Let me know if I can help.

uh oh, jinxed myself again :game_die: :slight_smile:

@sjpadgett + @stephenwaite: yes, please help. if you guys change it, it’s permanent. If I try it, not even sure if i can, it will be gone with the next update…:slightly_smiling_face:

here’s a simple fix that is testing well for me, fix dupe display when tag encounters by stephenwaite · Pull Request #1593 · openemr/openemr · GitHub
hopefully it works ok on your install :bird:

@stephenwaite, wow, thank you !! I installed it in an old 5.0.1 git-hub version first, that i use to test new things, and then on the trial 5.01 official brand new release (not using yet), and finally in our 5.0.0 production copy. The encounter history now looks perfect. no more double entries, and i can re-tag and undo tagging without problems. For compaison have a look at this new screenshot. Definitely an improvement. Thanks a bunch. The quickest fix in our openemr4vets history ! :paw_prints: :beer: no :beer::beer:

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