Charges Panel and Prescription

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When using the charges panel and after adding a prescription, the drugs costs are not shown in the charges. So how can the staff charge for the prescribed drugs?

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The available OpenEMR application does not provide an option to include drug costs in the prescription.

Please check these below links to see if they provide some information that you are looking for.


I suspect you are dispensing drugs, is this true? Are you using OpenEMR’s inventory? Why charges panel and not fee sheet directly? While I actually like the charge panel many recommend not using, not sure why.

Yes I’m dispensing drugs using OpenEMR’s inventory.
I’m using charges panel because it’s straight forward and easier to use. I mean you have everything in one place.

So there’s no actual linkage between the charges and inventory/dispensary of OpenEMR. This is a drawback for clinics with in-house pharmacy.

But when I use the checkout and the patient has a prescription written, then I see the drug listed as a charge but the price is always 0.
Also in inventory, what’s the use of “Relate to”? as I understood it’s for linking a drug to procedure code. But when I did link to a procedure code and added this procedure in fee sheet, the drug is not add along with it.

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We cant reproduce your issue in check-out screen.Please try with OpenEMR recent patch.

Make sure that you are followed these steps to adding the drugs in the inventory management.

Inventory module

Specify the quantity and price of the drugs when adding/editing the prescription of the patient.

You can add the drugs in fee-sheet screen by clicking the tab “Products”


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Hi @visolveemr

I am also facing kind of same issue while using the current demo on open-emr site

created a drug “Panadol”

while using Charges Pannel facing these
1/- when add this drug to prescription is not added to Bill?
2/- ICD9 search give no results, have installed the External Data loads (ICD9)

@ feysal,

We have analyzed on the issues that you have mentioned,
For ICD9 search issue has been fixed in the latest patch, please install the latest patch and check again. It should work for you.
Reg “add this drug to prescription is not added to Bill” - We were also able to reproduce this issue. Will get back to you if we have the right solution.