Calendar Category Issue

I am having issues with adding categories in the calendar. I’m pretty sure I am doing it correctly (see below). This is what I filled out.


This is the error that I get.


Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong or if there is a bug? I’m trying to add calendar categories so that it can assist with CPT coding for the billing process. I’m also going to post this to the community!

We are using Version Number 7.0.0-dev

Not sure how to share an image.

should be an up arrow above the text box

Screenshot from 2022-08-16 14-48-48

This resembles a bug discussed in this thread from OpenEMR 6:

Luckily the fix is just a case of entering ‘0’ in a couple text areas.
If that’s what the problem is.

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Harley, that did the trick! Even though it wasn’t a recurring event I still needed to enter 0 into the field.


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That’s good to hear, Dava, glad it worked for you.
Best- Harley