Batch Payment Unresponsive

(Frankie) #1

Unable to proceed to allocation after saving new batch payment entry. Can get as far as choosing a patient for distribution, however no charges are displayed with “Show All Transactions” option selected. HTML tags show after patient is selected. See screenshot.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.2

I’m using: Firefox current. Also tested Microsoft Edge current.

Operating System
I’m using: Ubuntu Server 18.04.3

Apache error logs give a PHP warning of "non-numeric value encountered in /library/, lines 1470 and 1472.

(Frankie) #2

Have confirmed this issue on 5.0.2 demo. Steps to replicate:

  1. Create encounter, add charges to fee sheet, save encounter.

  2. Fees > Batch Payments

  3. Fill out new payment data

  4. Choose to allocate, then observe Payment Method, Paying Entity and Payment Category fields

(TechMed) #3

@frankie My client gets exact same error and failure behavior causing this ‘Batch Payments’ feature not to work at all in 5.0.2 as Distribute/Show All Transactions functionality gets broken . I was also able to recreate this issue in Demo 5.0.2 as well as by steps you had listed above.

Initially, payment related data is entered (dates, payment method, payment from (insurance) etc. in the top portion of the Batch Payment Entry form, and then Allocate/ Save button options are clicked on (see Screenshot #1). This causes form’s three fields: Payment Method, Paying Entity and Payment Category to fill up strangely with a html table syntax (available selection values for that dropdown box) as shown on attached screenshot #2. Next, in the bottom part of form in the Distribute section, a patient name still can be selected but related distribute’s select radio buttons incl. “Show All Transactions” functionality is not working and no transactions gets queried and displayed nor can be associated with a payment. These are same exact errors and results as in this previous initial post reported here by @frankie . Thanks for your help on this.

OpenEMR Version

Chrome 76.0.3809.100 /Firefox 68.0.2

Install Type / PHP:
Linux / PHP 7.3

For example Payment Method gets filled up with a following html syntax (available dropdown box selection values for Payment Method):
<table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' width='100%'><tr><td width='100%' nowrap><input type='radio'>Check Payment</td></tr><tr><td width='100%' nowrap><input type='radio'>Cash</td></tr><tr><td width='100%' nowrap><input type='radio'>Credit Card</td></tr><tr><td width='100%' nowrap><input type='radio' checked>Electronic</td></tr><tr><td width='100%' nowrap><input type='radio'>Bank Draft</td></tr><tr><td width='100%' nowrap><input type='radio'></td></tr><tr><td colspan='1' style='height:0.7em'></td></tr></table>

(Stephen Waite) #4

could be related to another issue

(TechMed) #5

@stephenwaite Thank you for looking and referencing that other perhaps related issue into this one. @zbig01 I wonder if you could review and check if these two issues are related and caused by function loadiframe removal as well in this case (if applicable) Thanks.

(Zbig01) #6

Hi @stephenwaite and @frankie

I looked into the issues and fixed the errors. I am in testing it along with our biller to ensure that there are no hidden issues. Will do a PR post–haste.

Thank you for you patience


(TechMed) #7

@zbig01 That’s good news. Looking forward to the update. Thanks.

(Zbig01) #8

The needed changes have been made and a new PR has been created

Fixing critical issues with Fees > Batch Payments #2656

Since the altered files are identical in master and openEMR5.0.2 they can be back ported and will work.

See the comments in the PR for full details.


(Stephen Waite) #9

here’s to @zbig01 for the nice fix Fixing critical issues with Fees > Batch Payments (#2656) · openemr/openemr@85493f1 · GitHub

(TechMed) #10

Confirmed. Batch Payments functionality is working as expected now. Big thank you to @zbig01 for this fix and beyond with additional billing improvements! Thanks @stephenwaite for your validation and commit on this. Have an awesome day guys.