Fees -> Chekout unresponsive


(Evgenios) #1

I just upgraded to 5.0.2. and applied the patch.
Fees -> Chekout is unresponsive after upgrade. I use Ubuntu 18.04 all updates applied.
i found this topic: Batch Payment Unresponsive

and replaced the 7 changed files found here: Fixing critical issues with Fees > Batch Payments (#2656) · openemr/openemr@85493f1 · GitHub

restarted the system but the problem is still there.

Thank you,

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @eumetaxas, it may be a cached file so try clearing it in your browser

(Evgenios) #3

Did it but no difference,
Thank you for your time and interested,

(Jerry P) #4

Turn on Globals->Logging User Debug.
See if you see errors to screen when recreate issue. Or check for console errors and php error in logs…

log out then in after logging change

(Stephen Waite) #5

looks like there’s no value set for the save button, add value attribute form_save for pos_checkout by stephenwaite · Pull Request #2738 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

(Evgenios) #6

No errors are popped up, i do not know where to look for the php console errors.

Also, just noticed, batch payments and bill tab return an empty tab with “unknown” as tab header.
I never used them before so i do not if they worked before the upgrade .

Thank you all once more for your time and effort.

(Jerry P) #7

Hi @stephenwaite Above quote is what I expressed concerns about in your PR. Just wondering if it’s the same type issue!

Hi @eumetaxas
One of our project integrators @stephenwaite kindly provided a fix for this issus and will be in patch 2 due to be a quick release first part of next week. He posted the solution in a post just prior to your last post. Its an easy fix if you want to grab it from the PR and apply yourself.

(Stephen Waite) #8

hi @eumetaxas, like @sjpadgett said, should be easy to hand edit this fix and it appears that batch payment is working ok on, https://six.openemr.io/c/openemr/index.php

(Evgenios) #9

Missed the post for the solution: :no_mouth: Just saw it now. I’ll give it a try as soon as i have time!
Thank you!

(Evgenios) #10

Changed the line in “interface/patient_file/pos_checkout.php” file <?php echo
xlt(‘Save’);?> and now works.

Batch payments and billing still return an empty tab to me but as i told you i’ve never used it so i do not know when it broke.

Thank you all once more!