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Are any vendors offering telemedicine for openemr yet?

Is there any information about integrating telemedicine visits into openEMR?
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Have you considered Skype videochat (or some reasonably secure videochat) with the patient and using OpenEMR to document the visit? I’m not sure that telemedicine requires any “integration.”

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[ Telemedicine Solution - Simple, Free, and Secure


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hi @sjpadgett, does your portal address this feature?

Maybe chat but I started a thread on video conference but nobody was interested. So nope.

ok, thanks, now I understand. :man_technologist:

Hi does anyone have an update on this? I am very interested in any telemedicine integration, in the simplest a zoom, or skype integration might be a good starting point

Glad to hear your interest in telemedicine.
We have integrated Zoom in OpenEMR and ViSolve Patient Portal.
To play with it, use the link below
OpenEMR -
Patient Portal -
For any queries, send us an mail to


does this integrate with OpenEMR?

This site is a standalone application. They do not support integration of any kind.

does this integrate with OpenEMR?
Of course it is integrated with OpenEMR (including the latest stable 5.0.2) and uses Zoom video

Visolve has redirected patient portal to the below link, to play with it please check on the link mentioned here,

Patient Portal -