Adding Video Files to Client Documents

I am new to OpenEMR, and all EMR software basically. I am working on a project for a surgeon that would like to use 1080p video and save them to a client file to make them searchable at a later date. Is that possible within the client documents or is there and additional module for this?

@caerb43119 you can save client documents into patient document section into openemr you can create your own category into openemr and save that data into openemr

Hello @caerb43119 welcome to the community, I hope you find good useful info here.
This feature is documented in the OpenEMR wiki and discussed in the forum.

I suppose it’d be logical to start with the server config. Your EMR server’s default upload file size is adequate for typical pdfs and static images but I imagine videos will probably be much larger. Sorry I can’t help with the details of how to change that parameter, more than the fact that it’s in one of the server’s .ini files.

Once that’s set, in the EMR you may want to create a new category for these videos, which will appear in all patients’ Documents. See the wiki page,

Then to upload files to the document tree, in the wiki the instructions for uploading a file for a specific patient are here:
You will use the Documents cattegory you created, of course, not the portal category they describe.

In the Forum it was most recently discussed here:

where they discuss uploading a file, but also the optional step of specifying which encounter to associate it with.

As far as making them searchable, what sort of search did you have in mind? I.e., what information do you want to see in the search results?

Feel free to come back here to ask any questions that may come up!
Best- Harley

I am calculating the video files could be between 6GB-16GB, depending on how long the capture is going to be. I have a lot of items I am working on right now, but this is the primary one right now. These EMR applications are new to be since I am personally not in the healthcare side, but have spent 30+ years in the IT sector (both private and public sectors). My role is to design and prototype the solution for the concept that was given to me.

@caerb43119 again, I’m a UI/ Support kinda guy so don’t know specifics about systems things. But seems that file size would be a consideration in the upload time and storage space, in addition to the server config.
What are the features you want in the search feature?
Is your surgeon already using OpenEMR in their practice? Because if you’re only looking at it for the document storage and review capabilities I’m sure you could find some application that’s more tailor made.

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