Attach images/PDF to an encounter

Hi all,

I’ve searched for a way to attach images/PDF to an encounter note, but I haven’t seen any straightforward way to accomplish this. Was hoping for some guidance!

Hi Arpan,

There is no way that I know of to associate an attachment with an enounter. You could write a custom module that did this. I recomend, uploading the douments assoiated with the encounter to the douments section of the patients chart (patient -> documents) and referencing them from the visit notes.


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It appears that @Dennison_Williams module has already been incorporated into the Documents tree feature. It’s a little complicated and I haven’t seen any other docs for it so I’m writing those now, will post to wiki as soon as I get them ready to publish. Things are somewhat counter intuitive and don’t do exactly what one would assume; I’m trying to track down those idiosyncrasies. If you discover some please share!

Long story short, you upload a file to the documents tree then go back and click on the filename.
A dialog opens with a bunch of options (‘Properties’) to set, like which encounter to associate (‘tag’) it to, etc etc. When associated, a link appears in the encounter that lets you open the attachment for viewing / downloading.

Here’s the options window with your choices:


This is great, thanks!

This feature has been around for years!