A/R report Ins Co vs Patient

(R Magauran) #1

I received this today from my billers:

I am printing up the month end report and the A/R report. I noticed that there is almost nothing on the insurance A/R report. Was there a system update? It looks as though all of the balances that are billed out to the insurances are now assigned to the patient as their responsibility. The A/R report only shows the most recent claims that have been billed. I will hold off on printing the patient statements for the time being. Hopefully there is a quick and easy remedy for this.

Anybody know why this would happen?

(Peggy Guillory) #2

We are having a similar issue. When running financial reports for “Due Insurance”, the report is coming up blank. We know this not to be right.

(Stephen Waite) #3

hi @PeggyG, what OpenEMR version? thank you

(Peggy Guillory) #4

Currently on 5.0.1 and planning to do update friday. You are familiar with my husband, Jeff Guillory, I believe. I have seen your name on the forums.

(Stephen Waite) #5

hi, of course @nursejeff :slight_smile: , haven’t seen this issue on 5.0.1, is it 5.0.1 (7) for patch 7?

(Peggy Guillory) #6

yes, 5.0o.1(7) patch 7

(Stephen Waite) #7

hi @PeggyG, do you choose any of the other columns or change the settings besides choosing ‘Due Ins’ before you run the report?

(Peggy Guillory) #8

Yes,. I populate the Location, provider, aging column, date values.

(Peggy Guillory) #9

Tried to send a screen print of the issue. Since I am a “new member” attachments are not allowed. It is pulling thru anything after July 1, but not the prior.


(Stephen Waite) #10

thanks @PeggyG, will check out those other variables to see if something is up

ps you should be able to upload a file with the up arrow icon on the top of the reply box but there’s no need to send me anything for now