A/R report Ins Co vs Patient

(R Magauran) #1

I received this today from my billers:

I am printing up the month end report and the A/R report. I noticed that there is almost nothing on the insurance A/R report. Was there a system update? It looks as though all of the balances that are billed out to the insurances are now assigned to the patient as their responsibility. The A/R report only shows the most recent claims that have been billed. I will hold off on printing the patient statements for the time being. Hopefully there is a quick and easy remedy for this.

Anybody know why this would happen?

(Peggy Guillory) #2

We are having a similar issue. When running financial reports for “Due Insurance”, the report is coming up blank. We know this not to be right.

(Stephen Waite) #3

hi @PeggyG, what OpenEMR version? thank you

(Peggy Guillory) #4

Currently on 5.0.1 and planning to do update friday. You are familiar with my husband, Jeff Guillory, I believe. I have seen your name on the forums.

(Stephen Waite) #5

hi, of course @nursejeff :slight_smile: , haven’t seen this issue on 5.0.1, is it 5.0.1 (7) for patch 7?

(Peggy Guillory) #6

yes, 5.0o.1(7) patch 7

(Stephen Waite) #7

hi @PeggyG, do you choose any of the other columns or change the settings besides choosing ‘Due Ins’ before you run the report?

(Peggy Guillory) #8

Yes,. I populate the Location, provider, aging column, date values.

(Peggy Guillory) #9

Tried to send a screen print of the issue. Since I am a “new member” attachments are not allowed. It is pulling thru anything after July 1, but not the prior.


(Stephen Waite) #10

thanks @PeggyG, will check out those other variables to see if something is up

ps you should be able to upload a file with the up arrow icon on the top of the reply box but there’s no need to send me anything for now

(Stephen Waite) #11

not able to reproduce on 5.0.1(7)
by Location do you mean Facility? can you run it without choosing a facility by leaving it -- All Facilities --

(Peggy Guillory) #12

I can leave all options open except date span and it still only gives me July and August as outstanding. which I know is not true.


(Stephen Waite) #13

what if you leave the date open?

(Peggy Guillory) #14

If I leave the dates open, the same results are achieved.


(R Magauran) #15

Ola Peggy,

I have the same issue still, and I just completed a completely flawless upgrade to 5.0.2 on an ubuntu box. 5.0.2 is a gem indeed but this problem is not fixed. No matter how the report is run here, the oldest Ins Due claim is 6/12/19.

Now when I replace the 5.0.2 file: openemr/interface/reports/collections_report.php with the older version from a random 5.0.1 branch lying around, the bug disappears!

(Jerry P) #16

On v502 goto globals and turn on User Debug in Logging. log out then in, run report and see if any errors show up…

(R Magauran) #17

Is it possible that an inexperienced biller went through the claims and manually flagged them as “Done with Insurance 1”. What is the flag in the DB to note this? Is it the field “billing process” in the table “billing”?

(Stephen Waite) #18

hi @rmagauran, think so, from Jerry’s work

(Jerry P) #19

Hi All,
Maybe someone can tell me what the practical use for Clear might be in production biling. Is this an option that we should get rid of?

Currently Clear will reset the claim status to billed and reset claims bill process to the beginning i.e claim has not been submitted. The fee sheet status is left untouched.
Why would there be a need to do this!!!

(Stephen Waite) #20

say you bill a claim to an insurer and it’s denied because they need more time to fix an eligibility issue so they say submit the claim a week from now