7.0.0(1): Encounter date field of encounter form not retaining the date

7.0.0(1): Encounter date field of encounter form not retaining the date. This is happening a lot (easily reproducible). The encounter form does not retain the date information and gets a date of 00/00/00 XX:XX.

This becomes obvious when selecting the encounter after creating it, and the tab has a date such as 0-/01/-3. It’s easy to repair by navigating back into the form and editing the date again (picking it from the calendar picker) and saving. It’s a hassle because it happens essentially with every new encounter.

It usually happens when my staff first creates the encounter. Sometimes it happens after that. I can go through this in detail in debugger mode if you would like me to.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0.0(1)

I’m using: Chrome for macOS’s latest version.

Operating System
I’m using: macOS client. GCP Linux Server.


I had this issue once and this was how i got around it.

Approach 1:
Try and change between 24hr and 12hr clock in Globals → locale as well as Date Display format. (This did not work for me)

Approach 2:
While creating a new encounter, do not accept the time the system automatically generates. Even if it defaults to today’s date.
What you need to do is to select the date again and save. It should solve the problem. (This is a temporal workaround). I think the problem is the AM or PM associated with the timestamp.

Hope this helps!

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+1 for approach number 2!!

Would be nice if this got patched :cowboy_hat_face: