Negative Dates in Creating New Encounter

Hello All,

After upgrade to V7.0.1 i have negative encounter dates. Please see image below.

How can i fix this?

The problem has been fixed.

@brady.miller and @sjpadgett suggested that i change the date format in the local.

Admin → Globals → Locale → Date Display format.

The default was YYYY-MM-DD. I changed it to DD/MM/YYYY.

I tested by creating a new encounter and the encounter dates was fine.

Thanks @brady.miller and @sjpadgett .

Upon further testing, i realized that, when creating an encounter, the time of day (am or pm) associated with the date causes that problem irrespective of the locale. is there a way to avoid that?

hi kofi, i too had this problem, but once i’d upgraded the database as well it all seems ok now - i can start new encounters and they have the correct date. i used the file sql_update.php to do this.

have you upgraded the data base and still have the problem?