X12 Tracker double entries

I’m seeing a random case where an edi file is getting put into the X12 tracker table twice. It doesn’t happen all the time and it’s seems very random. It gets entered with the exact same file and and identical record.

The files come in to my system at the exact same time. I hash the files and validate for dups. Since these are sent to me at the same time too, they both get rejected as duplicate file.

Has anyone else noticed an issue with duplicate entries here?

you might check to see if a form refresh isn’t causing a repost or form submit.

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I believe that we are the ones that Brad is referencing in his question.

The problem ended up being that when we batch processed the claims, there was one insurance company that had a different x12 partner then claimrev. This was an error on our part. We changed the x12 partner and the duplicate edi files stopped.

Now I don’t know why it was sending 2 files to claimrev. But the cause and solution were determined.