X12 partners, send and receive files

I’m looking to add an x12 partner in our installation of oemr7. The company that I’m trying to set up has 2 different remote directories, but the add x12 partner form only has an input for one.

The two different remote directories are, one for files that we upload to them and one for files we will download from them.

I’m guessing that oemr will only be able to upload the files to them and we’ll have to do something else to download the files from them. Is this correct?

Also, how do you delete an old x12 partner that you don’t use anymore?


Hello @bearzillasquatch
Yes, when automatic claims SFTP is configured, the directory in the x12 partner config is the upload directory into which OpenEMR automatically deposits the claim files after the Billing Manager generates them.

To download from the clearinghouse you’ll need an SFTP client to get the desired files from that clearinghouse download directory into the biller’s OpenEMR where the billing module can get to them.

As far as getting rid of old X12 partners, none of our customers has wanted to do that, so I haven’t looked at the process. I have a feeling that if the partner has ever been used for any billing its entry ought to be retained. I spose that in order to keep it from being inadvertently used again, you could change the partner name, e.g., prepend ‘DO NOT USE’. But that’s just a guess.
Best- Harley

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Check to see if your clearinghouse has a module (for openEmr) that automatically uploads claims and downloads files directly. My clearinghouse has a module that does that and real-time eligibility.

@htuck Thanks for the info. I can do that. I was hoping that both directions of communication could be done automatically in Open emr but we can manually download the files.

@brad which clearing house are you using. The one we are using doesn’t have an emr module.

Thanks Everyone.

My clearinghouse is called ClaimRev, I’m an owner and developer of the clearinghouse and the openEMR module.

The module will upload claims as soon as you create the claim file. Then when reports are back the module will download those claims into their appropriate folders.

When it comes to eligibility, you can check eligibility from the patient card and/or run checks whenever a new appointment is created.

As more people use the module I’ll add more features from my portal in the module.
You can read about the module here:

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@brad that looks promising. I’m going to send the info to our billing personnel and get there impressions. You may hear back from me. Thanks.