X12 generation fails in 6.1.0(1)

Hi everyone,

I am finally attempting to setup my billing. However, when I try to generate my x12 file, at Fees → Billing Manager. When I select one of the claims and click “X12 options” → “generate x12”, a dialogue window opens up. Upon clicking continue, I get this error message:

Query Error

ERROR: query failed: SELECT * FROM insurance_data WHERE pid = ? AND (date <= ? OR date IS NULL) ORDER BY type ASC, date DESC

Error: Incorrect DATE value: ''

/path to/src/Billing/Claim.php at 227:sqlStatement
/path to/src/Billing/Claim.php at 105:loadPayerInfo(Array)
/path to/src/Billing/Claim.php at 57:getProcsAndDiags(10058,6033)
/path to/src/Billing/X125010837P.php at 28:__construct(10058,6033)
/path to/src/Billing/BillingProcessor/Tasks/GeneratorX12.php at 70:genX12837P(10058,6033,,)
/path to/src/Billing/BillingProcessor/Tasks/GeneratorX12.php at 156:updateBatchFile

Why is the date of service getting passed as a blank? This is not happening in the demo. Is it my database? Is it my install? I upgraded from 6.0.0(4) following the wiki instructions. Hmmm

Please help!

Does this happen with every patient or just one?

Actually, it stopped happening the next day, I am not really sure what exactly I did.

I set up billing in another site in multisite, it worked, then when I went back to my regular site it worked.

Hmm? Weird

And thanks so much for replying!