Windows back unable to save to C: and missing Apache Server on my work station

(Robert Rovner) #1

I am trying to back up using the Window’s method, but the computer will not allow me to save the check.ini file to the C: drive and there is no apache service under the server tab. Do I need to download XAMPP for the latter operation? My server is running on Ubuntu. My “work station” computer is running Windows 7.

Robert Rovner

(Stephen Waite) #2

Hi @Robert_Rovner, have you tried admin->backup from your browser?

(Robert Rovner) #3

Well, therein lies the problem. Two of my computers are suffering from the same problem that several people have commented on in the support section. The computers will back up the data, but the download creates a file with zero bytes in it. There are also comments in the WIKI that the automated backup is unreliable. SO I thought it better to do this a different way. However, it seems that I should back up on the serving computer, which runs Ubuntu. The instructions for doing this are gone from Bradymd’s website.

(Stephen Waite) #4

hi @Robert_Rovner, a nice place for a backup is off of the server :slight_smile: if this is for 5.0.1 you’ll see this
Dumping OpenEMR database... Dumping OpenEMR web directory tree... Backup file has been created. Will now send download.
and then it should download a file that’s usually at least ~150MB

(Jerry P) #5

I did a redo of backup that should be in one of 5.0.1 patches. It’s will no longer break for running out of memory or lock up sessions. Tested against as large as 10Gig backup and 128MB memory on Ubuntu, Alpine(docker) and Windows.