Will OpenEMR be too much from Adult Day Care?


(Matthew Squires) #1

This was voice text and I am not 100% sure how to convey my thoughts, so please excuse any grammatical error.

I recently opened Adult Day Care service. I was looking around for a management software that will include documenting information about the elderly clients and billing. I found openemr installed and it on my Linux server. Whyle reviewing the software I realize it can do way more then I really need. The question I have is, is this software going to be too much for simple client documentation because most of what I am seeing has to do with physicians, and we are not a clinic.

Does anyone use this software within the capacity of an adult daycare center that does not cater to special needs, and if so, what is your experience and would you recommend it or do you have another software that would better suit my needs.

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @tcadc, it will be fine, you can customize the user’s menu so it’s not overwhelming