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Why can't we utilize the latest authentication method enforced by default in mysql/mariadb?

I can understand that the webserver and the database server are not always on the same computer but why does mysql/mariadb want to default to unix_socket instead of password authentication?

From my own experience, I’ve had to change the root account for database to password based authentication even when testing openemr on a lamp setup server.

Any education would be beneficial.

Thank you for pointing this out. Since one hardly looks at basic setups like db connection, this was missed from the checklist.

Changed the sql.conf as :

|$host|= 'localhost';
|$port|= null; // '3306';
|$login|= 'openemr';
|$pass|= null; // 'xxxxxxxx';
|$dbase|= 'emrd';
|$db_encoding|= 'utf8mb';|

No hiccups so far as expected since this project routes db interface thru single file. Let’s see how it goes.

Unix sockets in general seem to be about 25% faster and you get one less hard-coded password as a bonus - thx.

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