Why Billing queue results showing wrong

Hi @stephenwaite,

I am sending claim file automatically to clearing house but some error shows on this screen

Can you please tell what is this error is ?

I am able to send the claim sucessfully to clearing house but I do not why that error is showing @stephenwaite do you have any idea on this.

@stephenwaite I have also checked I have the EDI /openemr/sites/default/documents/edi into my EMR


hi @Nilesh_Hake , how are you sending the file automatically if the directory isn’t created?

@stephenwaite directory already there I have checked it. Below is directory path /openemr/sites/default/documents/edi

you must be doing something custom, it’s the directory in the x12 partner setup page under practice settings

@stephenwaite below how I have mentioned the directory into X12partner section

don’t you need full path to the directory? like /var/www/html …

@stephenwaite But file created successfully into directory and also file get transfer into the clear house mentioned directory. Only issue is that error is showing

sounds like a trivial issue then :slight_smile:

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@stephenwaite its minor bug I will resolve it and give the PR

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