Who has experience with implementing OpenEMR


I’m about to implement open EMR in a clinic. The client is about to sign the contract. It is a general practitioner.
But i was wondering if someone has implement this before and how the did this?

I would like to connect so that I can know what to do and what not to do.

Thank you.


Hello @NWC Rogier - welcome to the OpenEMR community, I hope you can find the answers you need!

Yes, we at my company do have considerable experience in this area. But what you’re asking is for an OpenEMR vendor to give you for free, what they would charge a customer to do for them.

Now, the OpenEMR project does have a wiki containing most of the information needed to set up and operate an OpenEMR instance; it is found here:

But you will need to comb through it all to locate the workflows and usage instructions that would comprise the service that we vendors would render a new customer. You are always encouraged to ask specific individual questions here on the forum, but such a global request as you have made will generally go unanswered.

Alternatively, if you would like to get ahold of me outside the forum I would be happy to discuss the professional support options we offer and see if we can’t put together a service package that meets your needs.
Best- Harley

Hi Harley,

Thank you for your reply.

I was wondering do you have any users or institution in europe that uses OpenEMR? So that I can go visit them to see how they work with it?

And does your company program in Open EMR to do modifications?


I work with a group out of Europe. Can’t share much details about it publicly right now, but PM if you have more specific questions you are trying to get answers to.

Harley’s group has done a lot in OpenEMR and they’ve done a number of modifications on it. There’s quite a few OpenEMR support organizations that make modifications as well.

Hello @NWC Roger-
As it happens we are currently working with a provider in Germany using OpenEMR throughout the Middle East. I’m not authorized to show outsiders around the project but if you like I can ask the owner if he’d like to discuss his project with you.

We at MI-Squared have been supporting OpenEMR for over 10 years. Our devs have made significant contributions to the OpenEMR codebase and yes, we do indeed have experience in customizing OpenEMR.

Now, as much as I like to promote our services this post is turning into an advertizement, which is not what the forum is for. If you would care to email me at htuck@mi-squared.com I’d be happy to discuss our services and your needs in detail.
Hope to hear from you!
Best- Harley

I am new to Open EMR. Is it linux-based? I am working on building a basic EMR software for a client. Can someone share the wiki files in this thread?

I have the wiki. Any pointers on how to sift through it?

Hello @Keven_Shaw
Your question inspired me to post an answer in the ‘Day to Day Users’ category in this forum.
Please see the post at:

Best- Harley

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