Which data need to post in ERA?

Can u please explain anyone step by step which data need to process in ERA

Siva shankar.G

hi @siva, believe if you’re in tabs mode on v5.0.2 there’ll be a help icon that will give you the skinny

thnx for ur reply,

please explain about the process of ERA file

Hello shankar,

Follow the below steps to process the ERA File.

Upload ERA File under
Fees -> Batch Payments -> ERA posting.

Fill the appropriate details needed.

If you don’t want to post payments, select the checkbox “without update”.

This will just preview the ERA File.

If the payment needs to be posted, leave the option unchecked.

Upload the ERA file and click “Process ERA File”.

After processing, a new window will open which will display the sequence of check number with payee name and amount.

Then select the checkbox and click submit to post payment.

Let us know if there any clarifications.