Where is a good place to find CPT4 code for import?


(Sherwin Gaddis) #1

I have been looking for a while now and aside from the AMA is there another place to get the 2019 CPT4 codes?


Unfortunately CPT are the property of the AMA and have licensing restrictions. In short you need to purchase them. After which they will follow-up with a sales pitch one or twice a year.

(Jerry P) #3

Didn’t CMS offer a royalty free version at one time?

(Stephen Waite) #4

it prob wouldn’t be to hard to take a cms fee schedule.csv and import it and then type in the descriptions for the relevant procedures, think @fsgl had an article on the wiki for this

(Jerry P) #5

Most practices only use a small set of codes and easiest way is to just add in the codes module and also set up pricing while there.

(Brady Miller) #6

AMA is aggressive. Couple years ago, they hounded us since somebody reported that we included CPT codes in the codebase. Had to detail we didn’t and then they backed off (I then suggested that maybe they could give OpenEMR a save the world free EMR discount, which they never replied to :slight_smile: ).

(Jerry P) #7

ugh, I won’t quip about this hypocrisy