Where in DB is date patient created?

Where in the database is the date that a patient was first created please?

(I notice that patient_data.date is the date the client data was last altered.)


think it’s regdate

regdate = NULL for all records

regdate has to be turned on in layouts and populated by user

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Without having done that, is there a way to deduce when a client was entered into the system?

if documents were uploaded then that folder should have the create time

or first encounter may be an option

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The patient uuid has a timestamp embedded in it, although I think this was only added during new patient since version 6.0.0 though. Can see how uuid is created here: openemr/UuidRegistry.php at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub
(not sure how or if can then take the uuid and go backwards and get the timestamp, though)

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This appears to give what I’m looking for:

SELECT date,user,event,category,patient_id,success from log where patient_id='<PATIENT ID>' AND event='patient-record-insert' AND category='Patient Demographics';