Where Do I Start

Hello everyone and thanks for the help in advance. My wife is the owner of a small medical practice, and I am a developer, mostly using C# and SQL Server on a Windows Server. She is dissatisfied with her current EHR and she is considering OpemEmr. However, I need to understand some of the basic architecture before making this jump, especially with the likelihood of needing to port data. Also, if we made this move, I would be interested in developing. Would someone please point me to some basic documentation or tutorials on the architecture being used? Any help would be appreciated.

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OK. Now I remember why I haven’t gone down this road previously. So while I sift through the volumes of “documentation” is there any place where I can bite off little pieces of working code to see what’s under the hood? For example, let’s say I want to look at how a simple office visit is stored. How do I drill down to the table layouts as well as the functions used to store data. I found some schema information but haven’t really found anything detailed. Do you need to install OpenEmr to realistically see what is going on?

hi @hmclaughlin , welcome, you can also check out the contributing guide in our git repo.

It will help guide you to launch a test openemr environment running on port 8300 and with phpmyadmin running on port 8310.