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Where do I set 'Enable Encryption of Items Stored on Drive'

I’m probably missing the bleedin obvious, but where do I set this please? Looked through admin>globals … cant see it. Thanks

global/feature, box towards the bottom for encryption

Thanks for reply, but all I can see is a checkbox labelled ’ Hide Encryption/Decryption Options In Document Management - which doesn’t sound like it enables encryption?

Need OpenEMR 5.0.2. It should be on by default. Administration->Globals->Features->Enable Encryption of Items Stored on Drive

Hello @ognik,

OpenEMR Encryption Functionality allows only to encrypt the patient documents.

To encrypt all the patient information like patient demographics, use disk encryption.
The disk encryption will provide better performance.

Let us know for any clarification.


Hi @brady, thats what is worrying me, I have 5.0.2 but there is definitely no Enable Encryption option in that path. Was it perhaps added in a patch?

hi @ognik ,
That is very strange. If you can, show a screenshot of that Globals screen (where the setting is missing) and your About screen (this will show the version).